The one with the finished thing!

When last you saw this it was made up of 35 squares. I decided that was too big for Jasper to enjoy, at least not for few years, and too small for me to snuggle up under. So after A LOT of waiting for him to grow out of yet another age bracket of onesies, voila! A monstrously oversized memory blanket made up of 99 squares. Let me make this clear though I'm not some lunatic who's bought their child 99 onesies in the first 9 months of his life. Many of the squares are doubled up once they were big enough for me to get 2 squares out of them. Plus once he outgrew the outfits I made for him, I included them in this blanket.  It was ridiculously hard cutting up clothes I had made him, but it makes the memory blanket all the more special to me.

I was so overwhelmed when it came to finishing this blanket, I put it off. After sewing all the squares together I was convinced I would mess up when it came time to add the wadding, the backing fabric and binding the layers together. I started by making sure Jasper was asleep. As any new mum realises, anything that is new is the most exciting thing in the world ever and must be crawled to, on or in. Which is why it's always best to wait until nap time to get most things done. I carefully laid out all the layers on the living room floor, smoothed them out and pinned everything together. I'm not sure if my next step was a wise one, I used my overlocker to bind the layers together. Unfortunately serger stitches tend to be quite wide (especially if you forget to change the width settings before you start) and the satin bias binding I bought was a really tight fit to go around three layers of fabric and hide the stitches.  It all came together in the end but it was far tricksier sewing the binding than it needed to be. You live you learn.

Also note to any crafters/quilters starting out that have small people - It doesn't matter if you think you have removed every pin, you haven't. And your child will make a beeline for it. Next time I will be using quilting safety pins in the centre and quilting clamps around the edges.

I chose mint green polyester fleece for the backing and it has made this THE most snuggly blanket I've ever had. Even the onesies backed with lightweight interfacing have a much less rigid feel than I thought they would.

This leads to a very happy mummy, who gets to snuggle up on the sofa enveloped in a blanket that makes me smile from ear to ear. It's even big enough for two - although all pets and small people are banned from being within a 1 meter radius of it. My sentiment being "you break it, I break you" instead of "you break it you bought it".  Even though I've only just finished it, this is irreplaceable to me.



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